Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Open Call

for nominations of representatives of non-governmental producers in the field of performing arts to participate in the Maribor Theater Festival Artistic Board.

1. The Rules of Procedure of the Maribor Theatre Festival (adopted on 16 November 2022) stipulate that the Artistic Board is a consultative body of the Artistic Director of the MTF, composed of seven members appointed by the Director of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor: one representative on the proposal of the founder and the Municipality of Maribor, three representatives on the proposal of the College of Directors of public institutions in the field of performing arts, one representative on the proposal of the AGRFT, and one representative of NGO producers in the field of performing arts.

2.  The MTF Artistic Group shall give its opinion on the proposal of the MTF Artistic Director for the selector and members of the MTF juries and shall discuss and advise the MTF Artistic Director on other issues of importance for the MTF.

3.  Proposers must propose members no later than 30 days after the publication of the call, otherwise the Director may appoint them without their proposal. The Director of the SNG Maribor shall appoint a non-governmental representative in the field of performing arts after a prior public call for participation, which shall be published on the MTF website. If the public call is unsuccessful (no applications or none of the applicants is selected), the Director may appoint a representative of non-governmental producers on the basis of a direct invitation.

4.  Candidates should send their applications to info@borstnikovo.si no later than 30 December 2022. Applications should include a presentation of the organization (legal entity), a curriculum vitae with references in the field of performing arts, and a short motivation letter. Self-employed producers in the performing arts are also eligible to apply. Participation in the MTF Artistic Board is not remunerated.

Additional information: info@borstnikovo.si

Maribor, 29 November 2022