Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Slovenian Theatre Showcase

Get to know the best of Slovenian theatre at the Maribor Theatre Festival

Slovenian Theatre Showcase <em>Photo: Nada Žgank, PG Kranj</em>
Photo: Nada Žgank, PG Kranj

From 9 to 17 June, the 58th edition of the Maribor Theatre Festival will host a competitive programme featuring a selection of twelve of the most prominent plays of the past theatre season. 

The selection was made by this year's selector Vilma Štritof, who said that she has "designed the competition program to reflect diverse poetics, in which the performances raise relevant social issues of the present, detect and draw attention to the neuralgic points of our reality, care about the environment that co-shapes the habitat of all of us, and form a critical perspective, they explore the human position and role in a world that is being disrupted or even disintegrating on many levels, they unravel and identify destructive repressive and patriarchal social patterns and problematize them, including those that were never really questioned a few years ago, or at least a few decades ago, but today can no longer be overlooked."

Festival Competition Programme

We offer our showcase guests:

  • free accomodation up to three nights (additional nights are offered at a reduced festival price);
  • free admission to the festival performances of your choice (all performances in the competition programme are subtitled);
  • a unique experience of Slovenian theatre.

Make sure to get your dose of theater and apply.