Assembly on Stage

Workshop of versatile performing arts expressions


15.06.2021, Tuesday / 13:00 / Puppet Theatre Maribor /

Mentors Insectotropics

This workshop uses the structure which has already been set up for the multidisciplinary performance La Caputxeta Galactica to show participants the company’s application for the fusion of new technologies in the performing arts. It aims to be both dynamic and educational. It is a participatory experience – participants are divided into groups of actors, painters, VJ’s. Participants experience three main slogans that the company follows when creating: 
Versatile. By combining several artistic disciplines this allows the possibility to present multiple versions of the show, and as such the artistic and technical requirements can be adapted as determined by the context and performance space, without losing any essence of the action of diminishing the quality of the work.
Close. The fact that the artists are at the same level as the audience causes the viewers to receive the stimuli much more directly. They have available not only the final result of the artistic process, but also the work in progress. 
Original. This proximity of the performers comes into its own when not only revealing to the public how the show is created, but also the scenery itself and the technical array, as well as the characterization of the artists and their final adjustments to form the show as a spontaneous act.

Assembly on Stage <em>Photo: Insectotropics</em>
Photo: Insectotropics