Tery Žeželj, Ivana Vogrinc Vidali

Archive of Self-Sufficiency

Conceptual Map 14+

Bunker, Ljubljana


14.06.2021, Monday / 18:00 / Puppet theatre Maribor, /
15.06.2021, Tuesday / 18:00 / Puppet theatre Maribor, /
16.06.2021, Wednesday / 18:00 / Puppet theatre Maribor, /
17.06.2021, Thursday / 18:00 / Puppet theatre Maribor, /
18.06.2021, Friday / 18:00 / Puppet theatre Maribor, /

Premiere 10. junij 2020, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
Organized viewings between 14th and 16th of june, with introduction and discussion afterwards.
Viewings on 17th and 18th of june at 18.00 are free of charge, Archive of Self-Sufficiency is on exhibit between 19th and 24th of june (12.00 - 18.00)

Authors Tery Žeželj, Ivana Vogrinc Vidali
Readers of the recorded text Benjamin Jeram, Klemen Kovačič, Nika Vidic, Eva Stražar
Language consultant Tana Benčan
Technical assistant and consultant Blaž Pavlica
Technicians Igor Remeta, Andrej Petrovčič, Duško Pušica
Executive producer Maja Vižin
Public relations collaborator Tamara Bračič Vidmar

The installation is included in the ACT network – Art, Climate Transition, Imagine 2020, cofunded by the Creative Europe programme.
Topics environment – environmental strategies – ecology – responsibility – humanity crisis –anxiety 

About the project
A basis of the interactive audio-visual installation is a random set of various technological and scientific discoveries that provide alternative production, organization, and development. Environmental solutions call for systematic change, sadly slowed down by catastrophic narratives. Environmental crisis, and the crisis of humanity as consequence, are being strengthened by particularization with no coherent vision. Responsibility becomes individual but lack to participate in structural arrangement fortifies person’s anxiety. There is a strong need for comprehensive reflection of the world that we have been trying so hard to possess through centuries. 
Through mapping of solutions in the late capitalism, the installation creates a conceptual map of possible dealing with environmental dogmatism and encourages imaginative thinking about an alternative future 
Who are we who created the environmental crisis? 
Who are we who feel it?
Whose world is it coming to an end?

Archive of Self-Sufficiency <em>Photo: Nada Žgank</em>
Photo: Nada Žgank
Archive of Self-Sufficiency <em>Photo: Nada Žgank</em>
Photo: Nada Žgank