Short TV-drama, Department for film and television, UL ATRFT

University of Ljubljana, Academy for theatre, radio, film and television & Slovenian Film Centre, public agency RS


18.06.2021, Friday / 17:00 / Small stage /

Premiere 2021
Running time 23 minutes. No interval.
With post-performance discussion. 

Director and screen writer Lana Bregar 
Director of photography Jure Stušek 
Editor Ambrož Pivk 
Set designer Neža Dali Novak 
Costume designer Katarina Šavs
MU Eva Uršič 
Sound Samo Jurca
Producer mag. Jožica Blatnik

Jan Filip Mramor
Tadej Klemen Kovačič
Hana Klara Kuk

Film and TV directing red. prof. Igor Šmid 
Screen writing doc. Barbara Zemljič, doc. Klemen Dvornik 

The short TV drama, shot during the first wave of the pandemic, deals with relationship change, youthful naive love and the consequences it brings. Confessing love is hard but even harder if needed to be said online in the long-lasting period of limited social contacts. The story is told on computer screens of three characters: Jan, a 17-year-old boy, crazy in love with his friend Hana, Tadej, bored in quarantine, so searching for fun, and Hana with quite steady daily rhythm. Finally, Jan takes courage and tries to confess his love to Hana. His plan does not go as expected … 

The screening of the short film is followed by a discussion with the creators, also intended to present online study and creative processes, personal experiences, findings and views.
The discussion will be moderated by Brina Fekonja.

Mirage <em>Photo: Jure Stušek</em>
Photo: Jure Stušek