Bertolt Brecht & Heiner Müller

Fear and Misery

Semesters III and IV of stage acting, theatre directing and dramaturgical studies UL ATRFT

University of Ljubljana, Academy for theatre, radio, film and television


21.06.2021, Monday / 17:00 / Chamber stage /

Premiere June 2021
Running time 3 hours 30 minutes. One interval.
With post-performance discussion. 

Inspired by
B. Brecht: (Furcht und Elend des III. Reiches) Fear and Misery of the Third Reich; H. Müller: (Die Schlacht) The Battle
Directors Bor Ravbar, Jernej Potočan
Dramaturges Tajda Lipicer, Brina Jenček, Tilen Oblak, Nik Žnidaršič
Stage designers Katarina Majcen, Katarina Planinc
Costume designers Nika Dolgan, Katja Vrenko
Choreographers Mina Švajger, Suzana Krevh
Movement consultant izr. prof. mag. Uršula Teržan
Consultant Urška Brodar
Video inserts by Katarina Majcen, Bor Ravbar
Photographer and pojection designer Živa Brglez
Lighting and sound designers Bor Ravbar, Jernej Potočan
Producer Mija Špiler

Mojka Končar, Suzana Krevh, Svit Stefanija, Matevž Sluga, Mina Švajger, Nika Manevski, Jan Slapar, Filip Štepec

Stage acting and theatre directing prof. mag. Sebastijan Horvat, prof. Nataša Barbara Gračner
Dramaturgy izr. prof. dr. Aldo Milohnić, izr. prof. dr. Tomaž Toporišič
Stage design prof. mag. Jasna Vastl
Costume design prof. Janja Korun, doc. mag. Tina Kolenik
Language and speech doc. dr. Nina Žavbi

In cooperation with 
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department for German, Dutch and Swedish
izr. prof. dr. Irena Samide and students Mišo Jonak, Ajda Gabrič, Saša Kralj, Anja Matičič, Tim Miklavžina, Marko Senčar Mrdakovič

The production of the 2nd year UL AGRFT titled Fear and Misery uses Bertolt Brecht’s Fear and Misery of the Third Reich and Heiner Müller’s The Battle to question the incarnations of fascism and the way it almost imperceptibly eats into our daily habits, events and relationships, in public and in intimate realms. Brecht and Müller talk about the historical fascism of the 20th century, within which they study the intimacy of ordinary people. Yet, their sensitive analysis nevertheless throws a shadow on the present, when fascism is too often only understood as a phantom from the past. Fascism is not just swastikas, uniforms and tanks. Fascism is not just skinheads, Skrewdriver concerts and militant sports fan groups. Perhaps more dangerous is the fascism that inhabits the scared or disappointed individuals and, in time, changes them into a scared and disappointed majority. Fascism that has no religious fanaticism, but mere practicality. In the end, it no longer matters if the mass of people even believes in the fascist ideology; it is enough that the life of everyman subdues to its regimes of perception and operation.

Fear and Misery <em>Photo: Živa Brglez</em>
Photo: Živa Brglez