Vasko Atanasovski & Adabresa Quartet

A concert


17.06.2021, Thursday / 21:00 / Puppet theatre Maribor, Big Hall /

Running time 1 hour 30 minutes. One intermission. 

Vasko Atanasovski compositions, saxophone, flute
Simone Zanchini (IT) accordion
Žiga Golob double bass
Marjan Stanić drums

Ariel Vei Atanasovski cello

The Adrabesa Quartet consists of musicians whom internationally renowned composer and saxophone player Vasko Atanasovski, an artist with an exceptional musical opus, known for his mastery of different musical genres, gathered to record the new album Phoenix. The other quartet members are equally accomplished musicians: the excellent Italian accordionist Simone Zanchini, who has been performing with Atanasovski for almost twenty years, and twice (in 2011 and 2016) won the Italian Orpheus Award for the best jazz album; the rhythm section with drummer Marjan Stanić and bass player Žiga Golob, both long-term performers of Atanasovski’s music, and Vasko’s son Ariel Vei, an international award-winning cellist and composer. The band will present music from the new album Phoenix, issued on the renowned New York label MoonJune. The album has received some excellent international reviews; thus, we can expect a superb sound journey performed by masters of music. 

Vasko Atanasovski & Adabresa Quartet
Vasko Atanasovski & Adabresa Quartet <em>Photo: Andrea Boccalini</em>
Photo: Andrea Boccalini
Vasko Atanasovski & Adabresa Quartet <em>Photo: Knofla</em>
Photo: Knofla
Vasko Atanasovski & Adabresa Quartet <em>Photo: Petra Cvelbar</em>
Photo: Petra Cvelbar
Vasko Atanasovski & Adabresa Quartet <em>Photo: Vasko Atanasovski</em>
Photo: Vasko Atanasovski
Vasko Atanasovski & Adabresa Quartet <em>Photo: Joanna Wizmur</em>
Photo: Joanna Wizmur