Tomaž Hostnik & Awkwardly Fun Ensemble

A concert


23.06.2021, Wednesday / 21:00 / Sodni stolp /

Tomaž Hostnik vocals
Janez Dovč accordion, electronics
Goran Krmac tuba, electronics

Tomaž Hostnik and his Nerodnozabavni Ensemble (Funny Folk Ensemble) travel through worlds that, despite their pertinence to current events, we could never dare to confidently declare as created in modern times. It is difficult to imagine, here and now, a musical language less fit for contemporary music production and radio-friendly concepts that would at the same time tackle them with such heavy irony. The notorious troubadour from the settlement of Suha this time reveals his soul through stories in the local dialect, accompanied by seasoned musicians. The traditionalists and those with more extravagant tastes will enjoy this musical feast, on the one hand, an outburst of nostalgia for the golden age of evergreens and cabaret, and on the other, a wide palette of exceptionally original ideas that inspire with their freshness, wit and madness. 

Tomaž Hostnik & Awkwardly Fun Ensemble <em>Photo: Jana Jocif</em>
Photo: Jana Jocif
Tomaž Hostnik & Awkwardly Fun Ensemble <em>Photo: Bojan Stepancic</em>
Photo: Bojan Stepancic