Theatre Möderndorfer

A photography exhibition

Slovene Theatre Institut, Forum Ljubljana


09.06.2023, Friday / 19:00 / Mezzanine /
Theatre Möderndorfer <em>Photo: Darja Štravs Tisu, zasebni arhiv</em>
Photo: Darja Štravs Tisu, zasebni arhiv

The exhibition will be on show from 9 to 18 June at the SNG Maribor. 
The opening will take place on 9 June at 7 pm.

Curators of the exhibition Gašper Troha, Tea Rogelj

Last year’s Theatre Möderndorfer is a unicum in Slovenian theatre publishing. Its scope, for example, 1,216 pages in two volumes, brings insight into the 106 productions that Vinko Möderndorfer created in his over four decades as a director.

Says Möderndorfer: "This book probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day if it weren’t for the superb theatre photographers. /…/ Already in the early 1980s – and later – I felt it would be great to see theatre through the sensitive photographer’s eye. That theatre photography can be an independent art form. Nowadays as well, we have many excellent art photographers who work on theatre photography very seriously. That’s why I first wanted to make this book a compilation of only brief descriptions of the productions, with the majority of it being photos. Photos are the only thing that remains after a theatre production, photos and the impressions the spectators take with them. The rest turns into the dust of oblivion after the final reprise. /…/"

The exhibition prepared by the Slovenian Theatre Institute and Forum Ljubljana will have its gala opening at the Maribor Theatre Festival, then it will tour in modified form to Slovenian theatres and other exhibition spaces. The exhibition includes a selection of photos and other visual material from different periods and places/theatres of the director’s artistic career. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to feel the energy and magic of the productions and evoke their many theatre memories.