Singing Your Song in My Tongue

Slovenian Literary Translators Association


05.06.2023, Monday / 17:30 / Vetrinje Mansion
Singing Your Song in My Tongue

A round table discussion

Running time 1 hour 30 minutes. No intermission.

Moderator Živa Čebulj
Guests Dušanka Zabukovec, Jani Kovačič, Benjamin Virc, Branko Završan

Theatre translation introduces specific problems related to paralinguistic and non-linguistic elements; we are no longer translating just for reading but for speaking. But what happens when we translate for singing? One of the starting points of the discussion will be the specific demands of translating songs in musicals, opera libretti and chansons, and another is what musicality means and how to find it in the music of a language. The discussion will also highlight the dimensions of the text that translators are particularly attentive to and will try to answer whether they read aloud while translating or even sing.