Sensing the Town

A sensorial walk through Maribor


15.10.2020, Thursday / 18:00 / Vetrinjski dvor /
16.10.2020, Friday / 17:00 / Vetrinjski dvor /
Sensing the Town <em>Photo: Igor Napast, Večer</em>
Photo: Igor Napast, Večer

Running time 90 minutes. 

Guide Rajko Muršič

A sensorial walk through the city centre, including some selected interiors, is a guided event during which the participants direct their attention to the wholesome sensorial perception in individual environments, while following the guide, without any communication between the participants or using mobile phones. The walk itself takes about half an hour; it is introduced with a brief presentation of the rules and purpose and followed by a reflection and discussion. The event relates back to the experience of the diverse productions in the Young Theatre module, which address all the spectator’s senses, while raising awareness about the indisputable fact of a complex experiencing of art and life.

About guide

Rajko Muršič (PhD) is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, a professor at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the UL Faculty of Arts, and a great music aficionado. He researches and writes in the areas of epistemology and methodology, anthropology of popular music, urban anthropology, anthropology of space, identification processes, racism, anthropology of senses etc. He is a part of more than a dozen international and Slovenian professional associations, editorial boards and other bodies, and regularly collaborates in preparing of scientific and academic meetings. He is also the member of the organising committee of the international conference Sensorial in Theatre – following the scents in everyday life and beyond.

In collaboration with the Slovenian Theatre Institute