Conditioning Creativity: An Outline of the Lost Space

A round table discussion of the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists SADA


21.06.2021, Monday / 11:00 / Vetrinjski dvor /
Conditioning Creativity: An Outline of the Lost Space <em>Photo: Toni Soprano Meneglejte</em>
Photo: Toni Soprano Meneglejte

Discussion moderator Katarina Stegnar

Nika Bezeljak, gledališka ustvarjalka
Uroš Kaurin, gledališki ustvarjalec
Nina Rajić Kranjac, gledališka ustvarjalka
Jure Novak, gledališki ustvarjalec

If we found the past few years unkind and tough for theatre, what can we possibly say about them now? Will theatre even survive without spectators, a result of the measures to control the epidemic? Will its creators, institutions, numerous self-employed, actors and actresses, theatre experts, costume and stage designers, directors, playwrights and others survive? Before we start defending our legitimate right to exist, and the existence of art in general, before we bring up the numbers and multiplication effects, before we start complaining about the unfavourable situation., about the schism between institutions and the independent scene, about interference of politics into our work, let’s try and think new theatre, ideal theatre, fantasy. To see where we want to go, let’s set off in the opposite direction and imagine the ideal circumstances: limitless resources, clean relationships, political maturity, radical ideas … Only then can we start talking about the essential condition for work and a life worth living, and particularly about the rehabilitation of culture in the context of the public opinion. Let’s be realistic and demand the impossible.