Brencl banda

A concert


26.06.2021, Saturday / 20:00 / Sodni stolp /
Brencl banda
Brencl banda

Ana Mezgec violin and vocals
Rok Šinkovec accordion and vocals
Matjaž Bajc double-bass and vocals
Andrej Boštjančič guitar and vocals
Vesna Godler vocals
Marko Lasič drums and vocals

Organizator Organised by Narodni dom Maribor, Festival Lent 2021
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Brencl Banda creates their original music under the spell of enthusiasm for folk traditions from different parts of the world. Thus, with its pronounced Slavic spirit, their sound seems to belong to an ancient tradition, as if they created their compositions based on the musical notation of folk melodies from the attic. Founded in 2007 in Bistrica ob Sotli, Brencl Banda is currently preparing material for their fifth album, which will sound a little different from the previous ones. Just how different shall remain a surprise for us to discover during their performance in Judgement Tower.

In collaboration with Lent Festival