Matjaž Župančič: Latest Plays

Book presentation at the Maribor Theatre Festival


20.06.2021, Sunday / 18:00 / Kazina Hall /
Matjaž Zupančič <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Matjaž Zupančič Photo: Boštjan Lah

Discussion moderator Darja Dominkuš
Guest speaker Matjaž Zupančič

Running time 1 hour. No intermission. 

Matjaž Zupančič (b.1959), a director, playwright and a professor of directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television is one of the most prolific theatre artists in Slovenia. Of the seventeen plays he has written, five have won the Grum Award for the best new original play. His works have been translated into several languages, and some were staged internationally with considerable success. The four plays, published in the book The Latest Plays (Cankarjeva založba, Ljubljana) are, at the first sight, very different in genre and theme, yet all of them provide a unique insight into today’s time and society. What they have in common is the author’s sharp criticism, his humour that oscillates from sarcastic to tragicomic, and a profound sensitivity, characteristic of the author’s mature period. Matjaž Zupančič will discuss his book with Darja Dominkuš, a dramaturg, translator and author, and an expert on Zupančič’s work. UL AGRFT students will interpret excerpts of his plays.