Saturday, 20 February 2021

In Loving Memory of Danilo Benedičič

In 1989, he received the Borštnik Ring Award for outstanding artistic work

Danilo Benedičič <em>Photo: Marko Modic / SLOGI Archive</em>
Danilo Benedičič Photo: Marko Modic / SLOGI Archive

The outstanding Slovenian theatre and film actor Danilo Benedičič, the recipient of the Borštnik Ring Award in 1989, died at the age of 88. He was a member of the SNG Drama Ljubljana drama ensemble for almost four decades where most of his stage masterpieces were conceived. He continued acting after his retirement, and he portrayed almost 150 theatrical roles. He received numerous awards, including the Student Prešeren Award (1956), the Stane Sever Foundation Award (1974), the Borštnik Award for Best Actor (1976), the Prešeren Foundation Award for roles at the SNG Drama Ljubljana (1980), the Župančič Award (1985), the Borštnik Ring Award (1989) and the Župančič Lifetime Achievement Award (1997).

The theatre critic and playwright Jernej Novak described Danilo Benedičič as a distinctive, precise and cultivated actor, a great master of detail with a wide range of character and expressivity, who builds his ever original stage creations upon an in-depth study of stage characters and their personalities.

"The exceptional artistic heritage and a kind, sensitive personality of our long-time colleague and friend Danilo Benedičič remain an eternally valuable inspiration and pride of our drama family", wrote the SNT Drama Ljubljana at the time of his death.

Photos from his most notable roles can also be viewed as part of the digital exhibition The Borštnik Ring Award Winners which was created on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Maribor Theatre Festival.