Katarina Morano


City Theatre Ljubljana


10.06.2023, Saturday / 20:00 / Fran Žižek Hall /

Première 9. februar 2022, Veliki oder MGL
The first Slovenian performance
Running time 2 hours 15 minutes. No intermission. 

Director Žiga Divjak
Dramaturg Katarina Morano
Set designer Igor Vasiljev
Costume designer Tina Pavlović
Composer Blaž Gracar
Language consultant Barbara Rogelj
Lighting designer Andrej Koležnik
Sound designer Gašper Zidanič

The producer would like to thank Vid Hajnšek, Maja Križnik, Domen Martinčič and Andrej Nagode for all their assistance in the performance.

Mother, 68 Mirjam Korbar
Mila, her daughter, 34 Jana Zupančič
Blaž, her son, 34 Iztok Drabik Jug as guest
Janja, her daughter, 44 Mojca Funkl
Grega, Mila's partner, 35 Matej Puc
Tomaž, Janja's husband, 46 Lotos Vincenc Šparovec
Lana, daughter of Janja and Tomaž, 19 Lara Wolf as guest
Extras Oskar Guna, Borislav Horvat

The creative tandem of director Žiga Divjak and playwright and dramaturg Katarina Morano uses its finely tuned sense of injustice in its productions and projects to question the structure of today’s society and the role of individuals in it. Sediments researches what remains behind us once we’re gone. Some things can be packed into boxes. But what to do with the things that cannot be put away, the things that were bequeathed to us, transferred to us, the things that we carry along? What is left when, at the end of a life focused on the future, this future runs out? And as we dash from generation to generation, what will be left for that last generation that will have nothing (good) left to leave for anyone? Katarina Morano won the 2022 Slavko Grum Award for the best new Slovenian play at the 52nd Week of Slovenian Drama for her play. The expert jury wrote that Sediments is "a document of a life, its imprint – there are no particularly surprising or touching twists and turns, no big stories or particularly tense situations, nor are there any particularly ambitious characters. Everything is simple, uncomplicated, perhaps even banal or trivial. Still, through such particularities and intimate fragments particular to specific persons, the text enters the universal and invents a way of reaching beyond itself to us."


Žiga Divjak (b. 1992) entered the Slovenian theatre scene (still as a student) with the series of events and performances titled Right Before the Revolution (2013–2015) that toured in Germany and Croatia and for which the Prešeren Award was bestowed upon him by the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) in Ljubljana. Even after his studies, his socially engaging position remained the central impetus of his creative work, which has so far led him to direct at the Mladinsko Theatre, Maska Institute, Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Cankarjev dom and AGRFT, Drama Ljubljana and Ljubljana City Theatre. His susceptible and attentive way of approaching social questions brought him a Borštnik Award for direction for The Man Who Watched the World (Mladinsko Theatre) in 2017, while the original staging project 6 (in coproduction with Maska and Mladinsko Theatre in the scope of The New Post Office programme), which he directed, won the Borštnik grand prix for the best theatre production.


The Ljubljana City Theatre has been founded by the City of Ljubljana in 1949 as the second dramatic theatre in Ljubljana. Today, with an ensemble of 35 actors, 12 opening nights per season and over 100 people employed, the Ljubljana City Theatre is the second largest Slovenian theatre. 



Sediments <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Photo: Peter Giodani
Sediments <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Photo: Peter Giodani
Sediments <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Photo: Peter Giodani
Sediments <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Photo: Peter Giodani
Sediments <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Photo: Peter Giodani
Sediments <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Photo: Peter Giodani
Sediments <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Photo: Peter Giodani