Based on motifs by Marko Brecelj and Marko Mlačnik


Delak Institute


24.06.2021, Thursday / 18:00 / Small stage /
24.06.2021, Thursday / 21:00 / Small stage /

Opening night: November 26th 2019, Osmo/za, Ljubljana 
Running time 1 hour 10 minutes. No intermission.

Director Dragan Živadinov
Syllablelodies Marko Brecelj
Set and Costume designer Dunja Zupančič
Lighting designer Janez Kocjan
Sound designer Dario Seraval
Video designer Gregor Mesec
Assistant director Anže Rogelja
Photos Dunja Zupančič

Damjana Černe
Marko Brecelj 
Marko Mlačnik
Ivan Peternelj
Dragan Živadinov

Dragan Živadinov is undoubtedly one of the most audacious and independent theatre artists, whose body of work is marked by his beginnings as a part of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) movement in the 1980s; later, his ambitions shifted increasingly towards theatre retrogardism, cosmokinetism and telecosmism. As Zala Dobovšek wrote about the experimental theatre project by Dragan Živadinov and Marko Brecelj, an unusual niche appears between the carefully measured planes, sharp vectors and disciplined movement, and with it comes an unadjusted foreign body that strikingly inhabits the notches of biomechanical speech with its absence. The precise numeric and cosmokinetic coordinates catch and portray the one who is elusive, dispersed and yet earthy in every sense of the word. BIOCOSMISM::UTTERANCE, the stage encounter of Dragan Živadinov and Marko Brecelj, is an event of a (seeming) contradiction that, despite the otherwise deeply different aesthetic expression of both artists, finds and stages their fundamental alliance. An alliance in the eccentricity of persistence, marginal practices, uniqueness and social indomitability.


Dragan Živadinov (b. 1960) studied at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT). In the mid-1980s, he cofounded the then most radical and state-of-the-art experimental projects in Slovenia (such as Scipion Nasice Sister Theatre, Red Pilot and Cosmokinetic Cabinet Noordung). He went down in history of the Slovene art as one of the cofounders of the art movement Neue Slowenische Kunst (New Slovene Art). He is particularly interested in internet theatre and actively collaborates with the Centre for Performing Arts Research Delak through his contributions on historical aesthetics. He pioneered the "retrogardist" theatre method, advocating the principles of the 20th-century historical avantgardes (futurism, constructivism, conceptualism, etc.) and strongly believes in constructive potential of art, as well as its prophetic capacity. Furthermore, he passed the selection of becoming an astronaut and is currently engaged in constructing postgravitational abstract theatre objects.


The DELAK Institute is a production centre for performing arts research. Its core activity is the production of post-gravity art.