Press accreditations

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Applications for accreditations will be accepted until Friday May 27th, 2022.

CONDITIONS: Journalistic accreditation is intended for media representatives - journalists of printed and radio media, web portals, press agencies and photo reporters. A single media company may apply for the following number of accreditations:

  • print media up to 2 accreditation (journalist, photographer)
  • press agencies up to 2 accreditation (journalist, photographer)
  • radio stations 1 accreditation
  • web portals 1 accreditation

NOTE: You can use accreditation only in the work for the abovementioned media outlet.

The festival reserves the right to verify the truth of the data and reject the application for accreditation or grant a smaller number of accreditations from the requested, both for the individual medium and for the individual performance. Accreditations will be approved no later than Friday May 27th, 2022.