Klub Taiga – Dear Darkness

A music theatre project

Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale (IT)


19.06.2021, Saturday / 20:00 / Grand Stage Stand /

Première 19. september 2020, 48. mednarodni festival gledališča, Benetke
Running time 1 hour 15 minutes. No intermission. 

Concept Industria Independente (Erika Z. Galli, Martina Ruggeri)
Artistic collaborators Dario Carratta, Floating Beauty, Timo Performativo, T.E.I.N. Clothing
With the support of Angelo Mai (Rome), Santarcangelo Festival 

Annamaria Ajmone, Erika Z. Galli, Martina Ruggeri, Steve Pepe, Federica Santoro, Yva & The Toy George, Luca Brinchi

We usually imagine a club as a dark space where colleagues who follow the same rules and codes gather, but sometimes there are no rules. Klub Taiga is made up of relics from another time; it’s covered with rugs, fabrics, furniture, lamps, mementoes, garments, wreaths, burnt bones. We can sense bodies mixing with music; they appear and, in the changeable club light, lose their traits of reality. The subtitle Dear Darkness hints at the dimness, the gloomy, smoky and illuminated darkness that glitters and mirrors the different, changeable images and acts. The music is created by synthesisers, electric drums, vinyl albums, mics, percussions and wooden instruments accompanied by distinct synthetically and analogously doctored vocals. Klub Taiga is a speculation, a space of potential images and stories – an ahistorical mythology, the beginnings of new probabilities, new parallel and intertwined forms of existence. The entrance into the ashy greyness of the Taiga is the entrance into a real and imaginary, precarious and endangered kingdom. 

The guest performance is supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Ljubljana

Klub Taiga – Dear Darkness <em>Photo: Martina Leo</em>
Photo: Martina Leo
Klub Taiga – Dear Darkness <em>Photo: Martina Leo</em>
Photo: Martina Leo
Klub Taiga – Dear Darkness <em>Photo: Martina Leo</em>
Photo: Martina Leo