Snježana Premuš

Every now is time, space

A contemporary dance project

Zavod Federacija and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenija


18.06.2021, Friday / 17:30 / Kazina Hall /
18.06.2021, Friday / 18:40 / Kazina Hall /

Opening night 30th September 2019, Old Power Station, Ljubljana
Running time 1 hour 20 minutes. No intermission.

Concept, principles and artistic direction Snježana Premuš
Cocreation and dance performance Dragana Alfirević, Anja Bornšek, Snježana Premuš, Dejan Srhoj, Tina Valentan, Gregor Zorc, Ivan Mijačević
Soundscaping and music performance Boštjan Perovšek
Lighting designer and performance Špela Skulj
Costume designer Barbara Kapelj
Photography Madster
Video Maša Nonković
Translation and proofreading Jana Wilcoxen
Coordination and production asssistance Jasmina Založnik

Physical manifestations represent a significant part of a dance research project that Snježana Premuš has been developing since 2012 with various collaborators. With its somatic dance system, the study focuses on various choreographic situations, observations, reflections provided by different audiences, artists and professionals, while generating specific scores and presentation formats that would suit best the particular segment of the research. The author introduces some plausible reflections on physicality within personal, social and public space by questioning the disciplined body as a contrast to the dynamic body that is able to detect, produce and articulate movement and sensory processes beyond the presupposed body codes and forms.

In the performance Every now is time, space, the main focus of the research remains our perception in the modern world of hyperproduction, as well as the question, how we perceive our own bodies and bodies of others. Together with the artistic team and the audience, she enters into new relationships and creates a space where where we can experience and observe what drives us and how intangible images of perceptionemerge in so-called collective simultaneous spaces. The performance is thus directed into a multimodal spatial system where different images integrate and disintegrate into unique compositions. The audience is invited for a walk through a space where they are confronted with a nonlinear dramaturgical structure. The viewer, together with the performers, meanders in an increasingly widespread landscape of simultaneous events, images, possible connections and experiences, which he not only "arranges" these perceptions into his/her own "story", but also incorporates them into his/her own set of plausible responses and creative accumulation of possible forms of sensations, meanings and acts.

Project partners Zavod Bunker, Workshop Foundation Budapest, Lokomotiva Center for New Initiatives and Arts and Culture, CUK Kino Šiška

The project was created as a part of the programme incentive Creative Crossroads (2019/20) within the framework of the multiannual programme Long life burning (EU programme Creative Europe). 

Every now is time, space <em>Photo: Madster</em>
Photo: Madster
Every now is time, space <em>Photo: Madster</em>
Photo: Madster
Every now is time, space <em>Photo: Madster</em>
Photo: Madster
Every now is time, space <em>Photo: Madster</em>
Photo: Madster