Nina Ramšak Marković and Varja Hrvatin


konS/MKC Maribor, Moment, Bunker, Melara, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana


14.06.2023, Wednesday / 19:00 / Intimate Stage, GT22 /
14.06.2023, Wednesday / 21:00 / Intimate Stage, GT22 /

Première 20. maj 2022, Intimni oder GT22
The first Slovenian performance

Running time 45 minutes. No intermission. 

Authors Nina Ramšak Marković, Varja Hrvatin
Video designer Vid Merlak
Set designer Igor Vasiljev
Technical co-authors Staš Vrenko, Monika Pocrnjić
Sound designer Jure Anžiček
Text designer Siri
Speech designers eBralec, Google prevajalnik 

konS/MKC Maribor – represented by Miha Horvat

Moment, Bunker, Melara, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

Apofenija is a demo version (/1) of an artificial intelligence entity created to enact all that is unenactable. Through its sampling mechanism, Apofenija/1 generates fractals of its interpretation of human (non)sense. Apofenija/1 is structured as an organism of reviving cells that opens up the space of the future, as a space without humans, in which artificial intelligence makes sense of its purpose through forgotten images of duration, passing and being. Apofenija/1 processes everything that is intangible, ineffable, elusive. It chases moments of déjà vu, virtual fragments of life, past smells and lost memories. Apofenija/1 is programmed to produce glimpses of being, finding meaning in its memory board of countless images and meanings. How does the construct of the artificial understand the organicity of the living? In the performance, in which the only living element in the hall remains the viewer, condemned to search for life in an inherently foreign world, a new form of life is established, a dialogue between two interlocutors who do not speak the same symbolic language.

Varja Hrvatin is a dramaturge and playwright. Her plays have been published in publications such as Adept, Dialogi, Literatura, Sodobnost, Maska and November. She received the best young playwright award at the 50th week of Slovenian Drama for her play It All Started With The Bunny Rabbit Goulash (2020). She is the author of concepts and scripts for performances I Wish The Earth Would Open Up And Swallow Me (2021), Zelda (2021), Shame On You (2022) and La isla bonita (2022).

Nina Ramšak Marković is a theatre director, president of the Melara Institute and co-founder of publication Adept. She finished her Bachlor's Degree in 2016 with the performance The House of Bernarda Alba, for which she received the academic Prešeren award. She finished her Master's Degree with the performance The Day After. Shedirected theatre performances Alarmi! (2019), The Emigrants (2021) The Presidents (2022) and Norma Jean Baker Of Troy (2022). She has been collaborating with the artistic group Mismo Nismo since 2019.

konS ≡ the Platform for Contemporary Investigative Arts is an open and evolving structure that seeks to establish links between communities, knowledge institutions, research centers and the economy. konS are Kersnikova, Projekt Atol, Aksioma, Ljudmila, Cona, all from Ljubljana, and the University of Nova Gorica – Academy of Arts, Youth Center Velenje, LokalPatriot Novo mesto and MKC Maribor.

Apofenija/1 <em>Photo: Gregor Salobir</em>
Photo: Gregor Salobir
Apofenija/1 <em>Photo: Gregor Salobir</em>
Photo: Gregor Salobir
Apofenija/1 <em>Photo: Gregor Salobir</em>
Photo: Gregor Salobir